Case Studies

Jubilee Wharf, Penryn

Project requirements:

A design & build project carried out in partnership with Project Heating Ltd of Exeter, to provide full mechanical & electrical services to a high specification project.

Our solution:

This low energy building was our first experience of installing green energy systems, in the way of wind power generating equipment. 4No. 15 metre tall 6Kw wind turbines, supplied by Provan Energy of Scotland, were installed on the quayside to power the buildings within this project. We also installed the structure for 6 additional roof mounted turbines at a future date, should the initial 4 turbines not meet the demand for power on the site.

The whole project development contained 12 workshops, 6 maisonettes, a dance studio, sure start nursery, café and office accommodation all undertaken for the client, Mr Andrew Marston of Robot Mother 2000 Ltd.

Other specifics for the development included, a central wood chip boiler powering the heating for the whole site, the minimum use of plastics with timber being the most common material utilised. A very high degree of insulation afforded to all parts of the building ensured the minimum usage of energy throughout, in what was a pioneering project in this part of the country.


"Fantastic project from start to finish, I thank you for your input on the design and installation at Jubilee Wharf"

Mr Andrew Marston, End Client - Robot Mother 2000 Ltd


Jubilee Wharf, Penryn

Jubilee Wharf Penryn